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2012 Check In: What Have You Crossed Off This Year’s To-Do List?

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By Stefanie Hahn In this video, I discuss six technologies to tackle in 2012.  What have you already crossed off your technology to-do list?  What do you still need to focus on this year?  We are already one quarter into 2012, so let’s get moving! *Related: “Tried And True, But Not Tired: Email Marketing Now“ Stefanie Hahn is the education …

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Busy People: You’re in a Rut! Don’t Fool Yourself!

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By Dave Robison It’s interesting to read REALTORS®’ social media posts because I’ve been seeing a lot of the same thing lately.  Here is a typical agent Facebook post (or comment in person): “This market is going crazy. I’m so busy right now. I’m busier than I have been in years!” Wow…they must be having success, right?  Let’s look up …