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The Ultimate List of Book Recommendations for Agents

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By Brandon Doyle

I’m an avid reader and an author in addition to being a real estate professional. I know firsthand how influential books can be on a person’s life and career.

After much debate, I’ve come up with my top 10 book recommendations for real estate agents. These titles are in no particular order, but I hope my descriptions …

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The Last About Me Page You Will Have to Fill Out

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By Stefanie Hahn I hope that your SocialBios is the last About Me page you will have to complete now that and SocialBios have fully launched the Hyper-Social(TM) Agent Profile Pages and Hyper-Social(TM) Agent Recommendations. Presented at the Young Professional Network Sub-Committee Midyear meeting yesterday in Washington, D.C., you must understand that this is no ordinary About Me page. …

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How Not To Sell a House

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By Dan Iampieri 10.) Price it higher than what your agent recommends. 9.) Make your home unavailable for showings. 8.) Sell it yourself. 7.) Display family pictures and religious items (Also, consider leaving delinquent IRS statements on coffee table). 6.) Leave your barking dog in a crate in the kitchen. 5.) Leave the toilet seats up. 4.) Smoke in the …