9 Tech Tools to Improve Your Customer Service, Recession-Proof Your Business

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By Lee Davenport

“I just didn’t feel like she was putting in the effort needed to sell my home.”

Whoa. Mic and jaw drop.

This is not a hypothetical statement. I recently spoke to a homeowner who is beyond the point of frustration with his previous agent—whom he fired—due to the terrible service he received.

Double yikes.

These are not …

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Not Using e-Signatures? Here’s Why You Should

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By Andrew Janos The number of tech savvy clients is increasing every day with the help of the Internet and smartphones. Information is at the consumer’s fingertips, which is why the transfer of documents for signature and information should be just as easy. DocuSign recently purchased Cartavi’s transaction management system and dubbed it DocuSign Transaction Rooms. As a real estate …

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I Have a Confession: I’m Addicted to My Phone

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We’re all guilty of working too much on occasion. It’s absolutely inevitable if you have the drive to challenge yourself and succeed at all costs… and we all have that, right? I’ll be the first to admit sometimes my vision for success overshadows my need for rest. But just as being lazy won’t get you anywhere, overworking yourself can be …

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The ‘Q’ About QR Codes

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By Toby Boyce Realtor.net is all a buzz over how amazing QR codes are and how it will be a game changer in real estate. Really? A game changer? That’s a stretch. Is it part of the entire Technology 2.0 — smartphones, instant access and response, among the requirements — game changer? Of course. But it is a small piece, …

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Adding Lady Gaga and Tone Loc To Your Business Plan

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By Brian Copeland Thousands of REALTORS® are making the choice, consciously and unconsciously, to add Lady Gaga, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Jimmy Buffett to their business plans.  In fact, Americans as a whole are consuming ringback tones as a personal and business medium to the tune of over $235 million in 2009 (BMI). I don’t want to assume that …