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When a Plank Stops Hurting

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By Melissa Krchnak

I’ve recently starting doing planks – a balance and core-building technique – along with my regular exercise routine. This plank business isn’t a joke though. They started off pretty brutal. I set my goal to add just one second to my time a day. I’m overly optimistic so that goal is a far cry from where I …

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Give Them What They Can’t Google

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By Melissa Krchnak For years I’ve been harping about highly suggesting agents give consumers “what they can’t Google.” That is, after all, where our value lies. Once upon a time, consumers needed a REALTOR® to tell them everything about a home. Now, they have it all at their fingertips…literally. Their cell phone’s in their hands right now. So much of what used to be private, …

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Do You Have A WIG?

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By Melissa Krchnak Do you have a wig? No, I’m au natural. I’ve been learning about “The 4 Disciplines of Execution” and getting my Wildly Important Goal (WIG) figured out. Oh, that kind of a WIG… Yea, I’ve got one of those! Most of us do not have a problem coming up with great ideas. Hell, we could revolutionize our …

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#TimeForABreak: Is Social Media Taking Over Your Life?

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By Melissa Krchnak I’ve had a few friends over the last couple weeks who have pledged to stay off social media for a day or longer. While I applaud their restraint, I’m not sure I understand the motivation behind this extreme social media diet. For me, Facebook and Twitter simply fill in the gaps of a day rather than being …

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‘You’re My REALTOR®, I Just Didn’t Use You.’

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By Melissa Krchnak You’re really lucky if this hasn’t gone down with a friend before: Friend: Melissa, can you answer this mildly vague real estate question? *insert excitement* Melissa: Of course, Friend. I’m happy to help with all of your real estate needs. Friend: Awesome! So, we’re buying this house and our agent said… *insert face palm* Have you ever …

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To That One Person, You’re Pineapple

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By Melissa Krchnak For everyone who laughs at a joke a comedian makes, there’s that one person that doesn’t get it. And yet the comedian doesn’t change his joke. For every person who appreciates you being on top of it with your follow-up, there’ll be that one person who thinks you’re too aggressive. Don’t stop your pursuit of success. I …

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No Cookies For You

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By Melissa Krchnak Jim Rohn asks, “What does the word ‘no’ mean to a child? Almost nothing.” He’s so right, too. I have two nieces under the age of 6 that I just spent last week with and they couldn’t understand “no” any less. No candy. No soda. No dessert until after dinner. No playing with your Happy Meal toy …

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‘Tis the Season…

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By Melissa Krchnak ‘Tis the Season… To…Prep for Next Year. While I love to evaluate what I’ve done, I’m also ambitiously looking at 2013! I started planning for next year months ago and am putting the finishing touches on it these last few days of the year. I feel waiting until January to do business planning is missing the boat a bit. …

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What Olympic Sport is Your Listing Presentation?

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By Melissa Krchnak I obviously am not an expert in what anyone else’s listing presentations are like, I only know mine. Yet I heard someone talking about the Olympics recently, and with my market’s emphasis on the need for more inventory, it got me thinking. Is your listing presentation like watching cycling or gymnastics? I can dig both, and yet …

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Have You [Insert Social Media Platform]ed About Your Listing Today?

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 3 Comments

By Melissa Krchnak Have you tweeted about your new listing? Did you take a picture and +1 it on Google Plus? Are your friends liking it on Facebook? Is your tour going viral thanks to YouTube? Sounds silly and yet I’m serious. Have you Googled your listing yet? I bet the person who wants to buy it has. They’ve map searched it, …