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Selling a Great View, YPN Style

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By Lynn Minnick It wasn’t that long ago that my partner and I were kicking around ideas for a spring marketing plan on our big listing on the Connecticut River.  After all that snow and a wet early spring we were looking for fresh ideas and an approach we hadn’t tried yet. Enter the live webcam: A fun way to …

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Get Creative with Your Listings

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By Lynn Minnick I’ve been marketing the crazy out of a high-end listing.  (Yes, I’m fairly sure I just made up that expression…but this is about getting creative, right?)  This is easily the hardest I’ve ever worked to sell a listing.  In this market, I went in knowing it would be a challenge, armed with an arsenal of creative ideas …

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How Well Do You Know Your ‘Client?’

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By Subhi J. Gharbieh Many times agents are quick to use the “client” title for someone they are working with or representing in a real estate transaction.  There are so many people out there nowadays trying to scam others, and it happens every day in our industry. My friendly advice to real estate professionals: Get to know the person you …