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Five Tech Tools You Need to Survive in 2011

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 3 Comments

By Jonathan Osman No one would have guessed that REALTORS® would look back on 2009 as “the good ole days,” but as the real estate market continues to find bottom, that’s exactly what some are doing.  The reality for 2011 may be that we are all fighting for a smaller piece of the sales pie and remaining in business means …

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Can a Video Replace the Handwritten Note?

Blog Contributor Technology & Social Media 2 Comments

By Jonathan Osman Will the handwritten note ever be replaced? I think that a personalized video message can do the trick. Here are a few tips, tricks, and examples of what not to do when sending a personalized message to a client. Software mentioned: Eyejot and Oovoo. Jonathan Osman is a broker and team leader of the Charlotte House Hunter …

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Show Me Your Barcode!

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 6 Comments

By Jonathan Osman When you think of a barcode, you are no doubt thinking of the UPC labels that exist on the back of EVERYTHING.  The lines on a barcode correspond with a database that delivers information on the item scanned.  The technology is so tried and true that it can now be adapted for an untold number of uses …

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Real Estate is ‘Easy Money’

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Sales Tips & Techniques 8 Comments

By Jonathan Osman Step 1: Find a buyer. In my market, the unemployment rate is 11.1 percent and the under-employment rate is around 16-20 percent. While a few years ago, one could conceivably purchase a house without a job; today, employment is essential. Step 2: Find the buyer a loan. As long as the buyer has a job, modest credit …

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Saving My Business, My Community, and Our Industry

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Sales & Marketing, Short Sales & Foreclosures 1 Comment

By Jonathan Osman If you ever want to start a heated discussion among agents in my area, ask them their opinion of short sales.  What will pour forth is the most draw-dropping tales of sheer lunacy; always ending with “I’ll never show or sell another short sale again.” This presents a problem for me on a number of levels.  First, …

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Why You Must Have a Virtual Phone System

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 15 Comments

By Jonathan Osman Eight months ago, I started investigating the idea of buying my own telephone system.  With my mobile number on every sign that I owned and in every ad, I received calls at all hours of the day and night, which got old fast.  The idea of simply turning off my ringer at night was not an option …

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What Does Your Facebook Profile Say About You?

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 2 Comments

By Jonathan Osman You are a professional now. You dress in business attire during the work week. You have a website that has every home listed in the MLS.  Your carefully written bio makes you appear as you are the greatest agent to receive a license.  You may even have a killer buyer and seller presentation.  However, I would bet …

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How Social Media Saved My Real Estate Career

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 4 Comments

By Jonathan Osman I’m awestruck at those who have totally disregarded blogging and other forms of social media as a medium for generating business for themselves.  For me, it’s thanks to social media that I’m still in the real estate business today. Rewind four years ago: I hatched a great plan to move from Annapolis Md. to Charlotte N.C. OK, …