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The Wild Ride of Interest Rates

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By Jason O’Neil Sit tight. Last week mortgage interest rates jumped drastically. Some say without warning, but then again, most have been preaching for months, if not years, that rates can’t stay this low. Can they? Why did they rise? Is Wall Street fed up? Was the Federal Reserve testing the market’s tolerance with some well thought out comments?  “The …

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The Three Ps of Real Estate

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Commercial, Sales & Marketing 5 Comments

By Jason O’Neil I was going through our listing system the other day and became amazed at the amount of things we do to list a home. The list seems to get longer and more comprehensive as the years pass. One of these days, I may consolidate it and eliminate things, but for now it works and works well. This …

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A Crisis of Confidence

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By Jason O’Neil I believe that we as a country, a world, and a species are suffering a crisis of confidence. I know, that’s a bold statement. But the magnitude in which our world has changed over the past 25 years is nothing short of overwhelming. Confidence used to be something that was a part of our fiber, woven into …

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‘I Don’t Pay You to Think.’

Blog Contributor Helpful Tools, Marketing, Personal Fulfillment, Professional Development 1 Comment

By Jason O’Neil I blame FedEx, but there are many culprits contributing to the new mentality of instant access. Instant access has become normal. Companies and individuals provide instant access for a few simple reasons: 1.) They can; 2.) If they don’t, someone else will; 3.) Customers demand it. So where does that leave us? There’s an old cartoon of …

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What is Your Referability?

Blog Contributor Advertising & Prospecting, Business Challenges, Commitment to Excellence, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Working with Clients 1 Comment

By Jason O’Neil Referrals, referrals, referrals. We all get them and we all want more. We want referrals from our lenders, our title reps, our barbers, our past clients, and we especially want them from other agents. We love referrals because they are easy leads. They are not faceless Internet leads or the sometimes abrupt sign calls; they are real …

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Minding the Gap

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Consumer, Helpful Tools, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing 1 Comment

By Jason O’Neil One of the places where I have focused my business is on referrals and past clients. This isn’t unique. But the way I look at it is unique, and it has to do with what I call “The Gap.” Here’s what I mean: According to NAR, in 2011, 69 percent of all sellers said that they definitely …

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March Madness and the Spring Selling Season

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Sales & Marketing 3 Comments

By Jason O’Neil March. In like a lion out like a lamb…it is one of my favorite months. Yes, my birthday is in March, but so is St. Patrick’s Day, the first day of Spring, and let us not forget about the Ides. More popular than all of those combined is the NCAA Division One Men’s Basketball Tournament, simply known …

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Great Home or a Great Deal?

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By Jason O’Neil Are the two at odds with one another? I say yes. I begin each buyer consultation with the simple question: “Do you want a great deal or do you want a great home?” The responses are typical: “Both! Ha Ha Ha…I mean, can’t we get both?” “Uhhhhh. Great home?” “Somewhere between.” “Great home. Good deal. Is that …

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Hyper-Information and Real Estate

Blog Contributor Helpful Tools, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing 5 Comments

By Jason O’Neil In today’s day and age of hyper-competition and hyper-information, consumers are looking for substance and relevance. They are looking to buy but not be sold. But how is that possible? How does one buy if they aren’t sold? Bill Gates wrote in his 1999 (but still relevant) book Business @ the Speed of Thought,  “The most meaningful …

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Good Is Just Not Good Enough

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Professional Development 2 Comments

By Jason O’Neil Last month I had the privilege of going to Nashville’s RE Bar Camp. The event was exciting, informative and inspirational. But beyond the unrestricted walls of the camp, I found more inspiration — in a real bar. The night before the event, I took my brother out for a couple of rounds at one of Nashville’s most …