3 Real Estate Cliches That Stunt Growth

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By Sam DeBord

We love to give advice as real estate professionals, and often that advice is to our professional associates. Over time, we accumulate catchy sayings that are supposed to sum up and answer other agents’ questions in short fashion.

Like in any industry, the advice can be good or bad. There are a lot of great coaches and …

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Social Media Overload

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By Brooke Wolford It seems that every time I blink there is some new “expert” telling me that I need to take some course, read some book, or attend some webinar. I often have a hard time finding a course to take on something other than “How to use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.”  I don’t understand how some of these …

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Get It, Got It, Google +1 It

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By Stefanie Hahn You have your Google profile, right? Well now it’s time to start using Google +1. Haven’t heard of it? Think of it as the Facebook “like” button for the Internet. Watch this tutorial video to see how Google +1 works and consider adding the function to your website and/or blog to vamp up your SEO. Stefanie Hahn …

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Blogging with Tumblr

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By Stefanie Hahn No more blogging excuses! Tumblr is a simple, easy-to-use platform that is perfect for everyone, from blogging beginners to multimedia aficionados. “One click to posting happiness,” is what I like to call it. This tutorial will walk you through the ins and outs of posting on Tumblr with a dashboard overview to get you started. Don’t forget …