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Are You a Smart Casual or Business Casual?

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By Dolores Esanu It’s 2013 and we’re revamping our lives and even our closets. Some things fit, some things don’t, and some we hope will fit again. In business, the thinly veiled line of what’s acceptable is becoming even more transparent. One hundred years ago, for a businessman, nothing less was expected than a tailored three-piece suit. Post-war American, working …

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What Olympic Sport is Your Listing Presentation?

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By Melissa Krchnak I obviously am not an expert in what anyone else’s listing presentations are like, I only know mine. Yet I heard someone talking about the Olympics recently, and with my market’s emphasis on the need for more inventory, it got me thinking. Is your listing presentation like watching cycling or gymnastics? I can dig both, and yet …

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The Importance of Image and Appearance

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing 6 Comments

By Brooke Wolford Recently, at the Minneapolis YPN SquareTable event, I had a discussion with a few agents about what type of car you should drive to protect your image as an agent.  It went back and fourth based on where you lived, who you served, etc.  While I agreed with a lot of the responses, I also feel that …