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Flickr Proves to be a Gem for Gaining Web Traffic

Blog Contributor Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 3 Comments

By Jessica Hickok I recently got an e-mail from my Flickr photo sharing account stating that a map company had requested to use a photo I had taken.  The photo was a tourist-y pic of Fremont Street in Las Vegas that was taken on a recent trip we made there last summer. The map company was requesting to use it …

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The Future of Google, Real Estate: Collaboration

Blog Contributor Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 7 Comments

By Nobu Hata Has anyone else started having the “Google” question pop up during their listing presentations?  Not your website, nor your blog, or your Facebook page inquiry – the “can you make our home show up in Google?” question.  It may be just that my clients tend to be a little more tech-savvy than your average buyer or seller, …

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Make Sharing Your Blog Simple

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 7 Comments

By Jeremy Williams You work hard to add content to your blog so why not allow all that great content to be shared to the masses.  Two of the biggest social media platforms right now are Facebook and Twitter.  Millions have chosen to get connected whether socially or for business networking purposes.  Sharing your blog with Facebook and Twitter users …