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Real Estate in 2011

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Helpful Tools, Professional Development 7 Comments

By Brooke Wolford If you are reading this post and are still active in real estate, congratulations! You have survived a year of many challenges.  You can pat yourself on the back remember how hard your worked.  Feel a sense of accomplishment and embrace every challenge that was put in front of you. We faced many challenges.  We had good …

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Be Part of the Chain, Get LinkedIn

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 5 Comments

By Stefanie Hahn LinkedIn- www.LinkedIn.com: This is one social media tool that I recommend for all real estate agents.  LinkedIn is your Web 2010 resume.  When consumers Google your name – and they are Googling your name – you want your LinkedIn profile to show up in the results. What is LinkedIn?  In a nutshell, it’s your online resume, complete …

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The 21st Century REALTOR®

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Technology & Social Media 6 Comments

By Dan Iampieri I’m the 21st century REALTOR®, so let me tell you more. I’m digitally enhanced, slightly cropped, I’m fine tuned and on iTunes downloading a new ring tone for my iPhone. I’m camera ready, custom made, plugged-in and ready to rate, constantly updating my status update. I e-mail, I e-commerce, I e-trade, but my life is still far …