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Adventures in Android Land

Blog Contributor Technology & Social Media 2 Comments

By Stefanie Hahn I just upgraded.  After pouring over the research… visiting the phones (four times, but who’s counting?), working to get the best deal, and waiting until the price dropped to where I wanted;  I did it!  Friends and co-workers cheered that I finally moved out of research-mode and into go-mode. I love my new HTC Hero and all …

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Why I Wanted To Blog for the YPN Lounge

Blog Contributor Technology & Social Media 6 Comments

By Laura Rubinchuk I ran headfirst into my way into my real estate career. Back then, things like Facebook were used to stay in touch with friends and family, not to subtly remind people that you’re in a referral-based business. Twitter was a new concept many people viewed as a waste of time and way for people to know what …

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Out With the Old and In With the New…

Blog Contributor Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media Leave a Comment

  By Lincoln Crum We’ve all heard this statement enough over the past month as we’ve entered a new year and a brand new decade.  There’s a ton of talk, within our industry about new trends, technology, updates, Web2.0 and now 3.0. Lots of “new” speak these days. Being a 20-year veteran of the industry, starting when I was a …

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Swallow The Frog in Getting The Price Reduction

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Sales & Marketing, Seller Financing, Working with Clients 11 Comments

By Jessica Hickok As in every job, there are difficult tasks that you have to take on.  One of the difficult tasks that we face as REALTORS® is telling a seller that their house is overpriced and that they need to make a reduction in order to get it sold.  However, you can make this job easier taking the following …

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Adding Lady Gaga and Tone Loc To Your Business Plan

Blog Contributor Technology & Social Media 11 Comments

By Brian Copeland Thousands of REALTORS® are making the choice, consciously and unconsciously, to add Lady Gaga, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Jimmy Buffett to their business plans.  In fact, Americans as a whole are consuming ringback tones as a personal and business medium to the tune of over $235 million in 2009 (BMI). I don’t want to assume that …