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The Voice Within

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By James Dunn Having been in the business for the last six years has been quite an experience. Beginning as a temp and working my way up to being a full-fledged REALTOR® is something I take much pride in (especially in this economy). I have prospered. I should point out that I define prosperity in my life as experiencing balanced …

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By Crystal Webster The Get Motivated seminar series recently came to Kansas City and I was pretty excited to go! On top of tickets being about $5;  Bill Cosby, Joe Montana, Laura Bush, Gen. Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Steve Forbes, John Walsh (the list goes on and on) were speaking. I had some difficult closings happening that week, but aren’t …

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The Reality We Create

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By Brett Caviness I strongly believe in the power of positive thinking and live by it everyday.  As a determined entrepreneur and recent graduate of the University of Northern Iowa, I am goal-oriented and envision my plans becoming a reality.  I work toward my goals each and everyday. I have been in the business since 2009, but recently began a …

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Seminars Teaching You to Ask For Referrals? Get Referrals Without Asking For Them.

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By Dave Robison Ever had that friend that whenever your phone rang, you looked at the caller ID and cringed?  You simply subconsciously wanted to call them your friend because at one time they were, but for some reason they crossed the line into a category that none of us dare say to their face that they are now apart …

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How Do You Run Your Business?

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By Crystal Webster I’ve been to a national office supply store what seems to be about every day this month in an attempt to get ready for the spring and summer months. Occasionally, I purchase the wrong item and it takes me a little bit to return it to the store. I returned a day planner the other day because …

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I Quit Real Estate

Drew Burks Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment, Short Sales & Foreclosures 14 Comments

By Drew Burks Breaking News … OK, this is hardly breaking news, but after 10 years in the real estate game this may come as a shock to a few people.  To be honest, it kind of shocked me that I am actually throwing in the towel! The past couple of years I have come to understand that my purpose …

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Know Your Role as a REALTOR®

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By Toby Boyce The couple slid through the front door, their faces painted with obvious pain and anguish over having to go through this all over again – and after talking to them, it became very obvious why. This was the first time I’d met the couple, but I was far from their first real estate agent who they’d viewed …

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A Part Time Agent Isn’t Necessarily Less of an Agent

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By Toby Boyce I stood quietly waiting for the smiling-innocent faces to calm down as they stared back at me. They were so fresh and ready to change the world. Was I teaching another class of new REALTORS® in one of my CE classes? I wish; the faces were third-graders at a local middle school. I was their “guest teacher” …

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Networking to Benefit Your Life

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By Brooke Wolford So, I have to be honest.   I really didn’t get the gist of networking off the bat.   I attended a couple of networking events, tweeted with some folks and simply tried to keep up.  At first, it was a little much for me.   I understood that maybe, if I exchanged a conversation and a business card, someone …

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Is Any Publicity Good Publicity?

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By Toby Boyce In my prior life I spent eight years working in higher education public relations where I heard over and over again that “any publicity is good publicity.” But I’ve never understood it. A football team has the longest losing streak in the nation can get publicity, but is it good? However, I whole-heartedly agree that any publicity …