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Seminars Teaching You to Ask For Referrals? Get Referrals Without Asking For Them.

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By Dave Robison Ever had that friend that whenever your phone rang, you looked at the caller ID and cringed?  You simply subconsciously wanted to call them your friend because at one time they were, but for some reason they crossed the line into a category that none of us dare say to their face that they are now apart …

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Real Estate in 2011

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By Brooke Wolford If you are reading this post and are still active in real estate, congratulations! You have survived a year of many challenges.  You can pat yourself on the back remember how hard your worked.  Feel a sense of accomplishment and embrace every challenge that was put in front of you. We faced many challenges.  We had good …

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Finding That Blogging Inspiration

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By Jessica Hickok Nothing is more frustrating than when you can’t find the inspiration to update your social media statuses or knock out that blog post.  I have spent many nights staring at a blank computer screen trying to search deep within myself to write something engaging for my blog readers.  That’s because I’m a REALTOR®, not a writer. But …

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Have I Become An Addict of Social Media?

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By Jeremy Williams In a series I am teaching on social media to a group of agents at the Keller Williams Realty NE office in Kingwood, Texas, I have emphasized that social media should just be one of many components in an agents tool kit for lead generation.  With all the new social media sites online, it can be overwhelming …

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Snatching Bloggable Moments

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By Brian Copeland I’m consistently reminded by my peers “you’re online too much,” “you can’t possibly get any work done,” or “you must not have a life to do what all you do.”  Every time, my blood boils inside, and I find myself breathing harder to calm down and smile kindly.  My response is then, “Yeah, I manage,” then I …

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How Social Media Saved My Real Estate Career

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Professional Development, Technology & Social Media 4 Comments

By Jonathan Osman I’m awestruck at those who have totally disregarded blogging and other forms of social media as a medium for generating business for themselves.  For me, it’s thanks to social media that I’m still in the real estate business today. Rewind four years ago: I hatched a great plan to move from Annapolis Md. to Charlotte N.C. OK, …

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Why I Wanted To Blog for the YPN Lounge

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By Laura Rubinchuk I ran headfirst into my way into my real estate career. Back then, things like Facebook were used to stay in touch with friends and family, not to subtly remind people that you’re in a referral-based business. Twitter was a new concept many people viewed as a waste of time and way for people to know what …

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Finding The Time To Blog

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Technology & Social Media 4 Comments

By Travis Broadwater Dear Blog, I must apologize for my lack of commitment lately. Between prospecting for new clients and trying to keep my closings on track I just haven’t had time to fill you in on my day-to-day activities. I promise I can change, can you forgive me? Sincerely, Travis Now that I have taken care of the apologies, …

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Inman Connect 2010: Steps to Successful Internet Marketing

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By Brian Copeland From Inman’s Real Estate Connect NYC‘s morning session on Internet marketing, Gothamist.com blogger-owner Jake Dobkin shares the following: Steps to Success: Step 1:  Produce Good Content Step 2:  Tell The Right People Step 3:  Measure Results Step 4:  Repeat Jake reports that the real estate industry usually drops the ball at step three.  He says if your …

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Your Online To-Do List (So Important, You Should Have Done These in 2009!)

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Professional Development, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 9 Comments

By Stefanie Hahn What was hot online in 2009? 1. Google LOVES Facebook Fan Pages. Have you set one up for your real estate business? You should – trust me on this… no one wants to see your business on your personal Facebook page.  Setting up a Fan Page is a fast and fun way to share your business information, …