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Start Building Your Referral Network

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By Scott Newman I often encounter other REALTORS® who see little to no value in developing relationships with their fellow agents, and it just baffles me every time!  We are in one of the most challenging real estate markets in U.S. history, not to mention we’re in an environment where rules and regulations change daily, which is only adding barriers …

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Mid-REALTOR® Crisis: Momma Said There’d Be Days Like This

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By Toby Boyce It was a hot summer day in late July 2006 as I slipped down U.S. 23 to the Ohio Division of Real Estate testing center. I had made the jump into real estate without a safety net – quitting my job in higher education public relations and knowing that if I failed this test it would be …

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Why I Love Being on the Buyer’s Side in a Short Sale

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Buyers, Sales & Marketing, Short Sales & Foreclosures 8 Comments

By TG Gallaudet Wait…I’m totally lying. Is there anything more painful? 🙂 It’s no mystery that short sales can be really tough because of all the variables involved: * Unclear timelines from the bank. * Undisclosed liens. * Back HOA expenses the bank won’t pay. * Non-straightforward buyer. * Inexperienced listing agent. * Cash contributions (increasingly more and more). * …

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What They Didn’t Tell Me: Things I Wish I Knew About the Real Estate World Before I Jumped In

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Classes & Education, Helpful Tools 10 Comments

By Brett Caviness I simply couldn’t wait two more years to graduate college before entering my dream career as a REALTOR®, so I didn’t.  I went active as a real estate agent in Cedar Falls Iowa in 2009.  Since entering the business, I have worked hard to manage my time.  With class, work on campus, activities and friends I was …

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Help Home Owners Envision Home Ownership Again

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Consumers who’ve been through foreclosure may think their days of owning a home are over. Not true. Share the “5 Steps to Owning a Home Again After Foreclosure” from the November “Foreclosure Resource Guide” now available at the REALTOR® Content Resource. Here’s just some of the information: 1. Rebuild your nest egg. Establish a safety net. Since you’re coming out …

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My Deal Needs CPR… Again

Blog Contributor Business Challenges, Buyers, communication, Homeownership Education & Counseling, Short Sales & Foreclosures 1 Comment

By Kelly Reark I have been representing a buyer since June of this year when he made the decision to put in an offer on a short sale.  We aren’t closed yet, and it has been a bumpy road.  Our journey actually began in January of 2007, but who’s counting? There are many ways that this deal could die along …

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Don’t Be a Secret Agent

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By Crystal Webster Insert the popular 60’s song here. My mentor reminds me of this on a regular basis. What’s the use of being in real estate (or insurance, or sales, or anything for that matter) if no one knows? You’re not a super spy, you’re not doing covert ops, and you’re not incognito. Be proud of what you do, …

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment 1 Comment

By Jeremy Williams I heard the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin played over the radio on the way home from the office.  How relevant could this song be as the theme song for the thousands of real estate business owners across the United States? Running your own real estate business can at times be stressful and create …

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This Whole ‘Work/Life Balance’ Thing

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By Crystal Webster At my former corporate job, “work/life balance” seemed to be the catch phrase of the month. I worked in a very demanding job (90+ hours a week most weeks demanding), but as long as the façade of work/life balance was there, it was all good. Fast forward a few years to now; and I’m working for myself. …