RPAC: Why I Went From Zero to President’s Circle in One Year

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Rebecca Donatelli

Rebecca Donatelli

By Rebecca Donatelli

The truth is, I had never heard about RPAC before last year. While I was attending the National Association of REALTORS® YPN Leadership Retreat in Chicago last year, a bunch of strangers (now some of my best friends) started talking about this thing called RPAC, and urging YPNers to take the “YPN Pledge.” Intimidated by putting money towards something I didn’t understand, I hung my head down while others gladly raised their hands and took the pledge.

While I didn’t quite understand the meaning of RPAC, I did notice that many of the “major investors” in RPAC are industry leaders—board presidents, top producers, REALTOR® Magazine 30 Under 30s, and nationally-recognized names. It made me realize there has to be some real importance in making this investment. That’s when I started to educate myself on what RPAC does, and then I decided to take the YPN Pledge and become a major investor.

So, what is RPAC?

RPAC stands for REALTOR® Political Action Committee. The purpose of RPAC is collecting voluntary contributions made by members of the association, which are used to help elect candidates who support REALTOR®  and homeowner issues, such as such as Fair Housing, the National Flood Insurance Program, state and local taxation policies, and more. Investing in RPAC is crucial to protecting our industry. Many people shy away from getting involved within RPAC because they don’t want to get involved (or care) about politics. I was the same way. However, the REALTOR® Party remains neutral. It is neither Republican or Democrat. RPAC funds strictly support candidates support our industry’s best interests, and the best interests of homeowners. This is why the REALTOR® Party color is purple.

Now that you understand the meaning and importance of RPAC, you might be wondering how to invest. The YPN Pledge is one way, in which you promise to invest $10,000 over the next 10 years. You can head to realtorparty.realtor and click on the YPN RPAC Pledge under “Tools & Resources.” You can also invest through your local board—many conduct RPAC fundraisers events where you can bid on auction items (this is my personal favorite way to invest).

If you choose to invest $1,000 per year to RPAC, you will be considered a major investor and will receive a pin in the mail. I went from major investor to President’s Circle this year, which means I stepped up my investment to $2,500 for the year. Stepping up my investment has allowed me to see the bigger picture—I know I’m investing to protect myself, other REALTORS®, and homeowners.

To find out more about RPAC, visit nar.realtor/rpac.

Rebecca Donatelli, ABR, SRS, is a residential agent and team lead of The Rebecca Donatelli Team with McDowell Homes Real Estate Services in Cleveland, Ohio. She was honored in REALTOR® Magazine’s 2019 class of 30 Under 30, and was voted a Top REALTOR® in Northeast Ohio by Cleveland Magazine in 2018 and 2019. She has built a large online presence through social media, specifically Instagram. Follow her @rebeccadonatelli.REALTOR.

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