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It’s Pronounced REAL-TOR & This is What it Means!

robreuter Being a REALTOR®, Classes & Education 2 Comments

By Rob Reuter, YPN Manager I was recently approached by staff of REALTOR® Magazine and asked if I could start blogging in the YPN Lounge.  I remember thinking to myself “cha right, have you seen my to-do list?”  Well here I am and for my first blog in the lounge, I get to write about an exciting topic: the word …

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Snatching Bloggable Moments

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Sales & Marketing, Technology & Social Media 1 Comment

By Brian Copeland I’m consistently reminded by my peers “you’re online too much,” “you can’t possibly get any work done,” or “you must not have a life to do what all you do.”  Every time, my blood boils inside, and I find myself breathing harder to calm down and smile kindly.  My response is then, “Yeah, I manage,” then I …

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Staying True to the Home Team

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Personal Fulfillment, Sales & Marketing 2 Comments

By Jeremy Williams You wouldn’t believe how many times I was asked who I wanted to win the Super Bowl last weekend. My response was the Houston Texans. With a look of confusion, one person said, “Yeah, do you not know that Houston Texans are not in the Super Bowl? In fact, they did not even make it to the …

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment 1 Comment

By Jeremy Williams I heard the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin played over the radio on the way home from the office.  How relevant could this song be as the theme song for the thousands of real estate business owners across the United States? Running your own real estate business can at times be stressful and create …

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2010…It’s Waiting For You!

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Personal Fulfillment, Professional Development 2 Comments

By Brooke Wolford It’s a new year, a new decade.  As I look back at the past year, I reflect on all of the hard times.  As REALTORS®, we faced some of the most difficult challenges in 2009. The bad media coverage, constantly having to defend ourselves, and insults on TV shows like “Cougar Town” and “Modern Family.” (These shows …

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Santa, Dude You Owe Me

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges 6 Comments

By Brian Copeland Dear Santa, When I was 4 years old, I asked for an Easy Bake Oven.  You brought me some Garanimal outfits.  When I was 8, you obliged my request for a Glo Worm with that cowboy comforter set my brother wanted. Each year, you have threatened me that if I wasn’t good, I wouldn’t get my gift.  …

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Practitioner Rating Systems Are Here to Stay

Blog Contributor Being a REALTOR®, Business Challenges, Professional Development, Technology & Social Media, YPN Events 3 Comments

By Nobu Hata, 2009 NAR Conference Blogger It’s been an interesting couple days home! Your thoughts, Joe-Six-Pack? We’ve got a site for that. Lost amid the cocktails of the YPN get together, and the hubbub of HouseLogic/RPR/NAR Second Century Initiative babble, was the Houston Association of REALTORS®’ win of NAR’s Visionary Award. Taqi Rizvi, CTO of HAR, “created one of …